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Check Out Time is 2:00pm

FYI - when booking online for Extra Adults and Kids on Holiday Weekends, the rate doesn’t match our rate sheet. 

It’s a computer glitch, so in the meantime, we will be manually changing the rate.

We are pet friendly - we do require a copy of your pet's rabies certificate prior to them coming into the campground. Thank you

Concert Goers -

PHISH is coming to SPAC -           AUG. 25th and 26th


if you reserve a spot on the shuttle and then change your mind, there will be no refunds given 

GUNS N Roses - 9/1 @ SPAC


Looking to get a Shuttle if we have enough reservations - call today!

As stated on our Reservation System - there are no refunds for Early Departures or weather related cancellations